An airbrush machine was always on the must purchase list. Not only is time cut in half for fondant base coloring but the finished look is just amazing. This pink and purple color mix came together to create a smooth bright base.

The flowers are made from pulled sugar in white and clear sparkle. The edible sequins, made from gelatin, also shimmer. The paper thin dots took a full 24 hours to dry but a technique I am sure to use again in future designs.

Cake Heights Inc. has been MWBE Certified!

Applications, as we all know, are very nerve racking. Did I put the right dates? Did I spell everything correctly?. Well I must have because after months of gathering information and frequent trips to NYC Business Solutions for help, (thank you Courtney!!), word arrived Cake Heights Inc. is certified! The wait was crazy and of course every negative thing passed my mind, but when I opened the email on May 2, all I could do was yell “Woohoo!!”.

Now as the company is nearing 2 years in operation, I have higher hopes then ever this is right. OK so on to the next step… whatever that may be.