Happy New Year


Keeping with the poured sugar kick, these fireworks have gold glitter and sliver dust accents. Of course, a silver painted new year ball representation had to be made for the finishing touch. Many new designs are in store for the year.

Wishing 2014 to bring you many great new beginnings!

Pulled sugar design in the works

Sugar Magnolia

This magnolia is made from pulled sugar, a process of heating and cooling sugar to set temperatures and then molding. Once melted, it is worked to a cooling state by pulling and then the formation of an object, done with gloved hands of course. This sugar is like playing with molten lava on purpose! I once created a swan in culinary school and the heated sugar fell on my gloved finger and it was ugly for a week, so yes this is some scary stuff!! The technique is dangerous for those with no knowledge but in the right hands with practice, this is the end result. A sugar piece made to look like glass.

Brides Against Breast Cancer Event 2013


We had the pleasure of being part of the first Brides Against Breast Cancer bridal show in the Bronx! All vendors shared their stories on loved ones who have survived or past from cancer in any form. As someone who currently has a loved one going through treatment and other members that have past, I of course wanted to be part of this amazing charity. We saw brides-to-be say yes to their dress and congratulated everyone of them when they happily walked into the vendor area in their gowns. They were all beautiful and so excited!! We met many great people and hope to have the honor of working with them in the future.

Thank you to all vendors and guests for the kind words on our products and displays. The truly center piece of our table, a gum paste and poured sugar bridal shoe was loved by everyone. We created samples of pink lemonade cookies, pumpkin cake with butterscotch ganache, and chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream for all to enjoy. We had quite a few people come back for seconds AND thirds :D!

Thanks for the memories :D!!



This design is one of my favorites. The soutache details have a light opalescent sheen and the uniform pleated ruffles are delicate with pearls.